Friday, July 8, 2011

Obsessions: interior design....

One of my latest obsessions has been interior design and I wanted to post some pictures of what my obsession consists of!  Just think pink, French, shabby, chic, etc...need I say more?
J'adore  the  love  seat!

Such  a  beautiful  bed :)

My  desk  is  looking  like  this  right  now!

I  am  really  inspired  to  do  something  like this over  my  bed!
Love  the  pops  of  lime  green  and  turquoise!
Beautiful  pink  color :)
Such  a  good  idea  and  would  be  so  perfect  for  a  nursery  or  a  school  room :)
Love  the  all  white!
Enjoy looking at all of these gorgeous photos and I hope you get inspired!  Have a great weekend :)


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