Friday, June 17, 2011

at the airport....

Yesterday my mom and I went to the airport to pick up a cousin who was flying in from Texas. I always enjoy going to the airport because I like to think about the people who are flying in from exotic and exciting places. I love to make up little stories about those people....where did he some from, dressed like that? I wonder where she is from, with that accent? Etc, etc, etc.

It used to be that going to the airport was a big ordeal: you wore your best hat and clothes, greeted the pilots as though they were kings, admired the stewardesses (I'm sure most young girls wanted to be a stewardess because you got to wear a very pretty uniform, fly around the world and people respected you) and you got to watch the planes go to and fro. Nowadays, people wear pjs and no makeup, guys (and some girls) wear baggy, unflattering shorts and seem to travel with no excitement at all.

In the future, I plan on driving my baby blue Thunderbird car to the airport, stepping out in my vintage, little black dress, black high heels, my Audrey Hepburn/Breakfast at Tiffany's hairstyle, red lipstick, huge black sunglasses and a vintage, white, round suitcase! I will walk into the airport, make my way to the waiting area, read a VOGUE magazine, board my plane and fly off to Paris!

Bon voyage!


  1. Hi, I'm Holly and I'm over from the Pink Rose cottage. Have you ever seen the movie Catch Me if You Can? They have some great vintage stewardess shots! ♥

  2. Hi! Yes, I have seen that movie and I LOVE it - that was my inspiration for the photo as well as the post :)

  3. Times may have changed, but the airport is still a pretty exciting place. The busy atmosphere can be pretty colorful, seeing the people come and go, arrive and leave, with the roar of those airplanes in flight heard around the place. It makes a person think adventurous thoughts sometimes.

    Ebony Annand

  4. I've actually noticed that too. The people that are usually going to the airport were traveling for vacation, but nowadays, the airport is used commonly by those people who are looking for a better life outside of their town or country. I agree with Ebony. The airport is still an exciting place as each person travels with their own personal reasons, making the airport a living storybook of a million and one tales.

    Earnestine Novick

  5. right airport is a place where some one exist and new one is entering its a really interesting place where we see many colored and fashions as well we learn from them and what ever a positive thing we like we try to implement it in our life.Now a days Life is so fast and people don,t have much time for fun and entertaining so most of people move for better future as a business or job experience.
    Saran SMith

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