Monday, March 21, 2011

The Mirror....

Dear Readers - I had a very fascinating moment two days ago. I was trying on all of my vintage clothes just for fun (I do this a lot when I've been feeling discouraged with the modern world). the first thing I put on was my gorgeous sky blue, strapless, tulle prom dress from the 1950s. As I was standing in front of my mirror, putting on my lipstick, a thought crossed my mind: I wonder who originally stood in front of their mirror, putting on lipstick and wearing this dress when it was brand new? I wonder where this dress is originally from and how it ended up in an antique store in Tallahassee, Fl.? I wonder if the woman who first owned this dress is still out there. I wonder if there is a picture of the woman wearing this dress at the event she wore it to? And, I wonder how many fascinating stories this dress could tell if it could talk. I consider this experience to be a life changing moment. I will never think of clothes (especially vintage clothes) the same! I felt so happy, when I was putting on my diamond earrings and my necklace, thinking of what shoes and jewelry the woman would have worn with this dress....after all the wondering about where the woman is I started to think about something else, I wonder if the woman is wondering where her dress is....?


  1. I wonder about the same stuff all the time... and I hope you never outgrow your fascination with what has come before you. You are such a wise girl! BTW-I haven't forgotten that I need to send you the girdle. I am shooting for getting it in the mail this week. Have a lovely week, darling! Xoxo Jenny

  2. I know! I love having thoughts like that....I can't wait to see the girdle - I recently bought a civil-war period hoop skirt and corset and now I'm completely obsessed with vintage underwear!!
    hugs, Liza