Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pointe shoes, birthday presents, liberty of london and more....

Recently I've been horribly busy. Between sewing pointe shoes (my ballet company's spring show is fast approaching), buying cast presents, getting things ready for my lovely mommy's birthday(on the seventh) and keeping up with life, I've (unfortunately) made the blog the less important task. It's so hard to find just the right present for a mother who means the world to you. How do you express your feelings through a wrapping paper and bow covered box? This year, I haven't tried to express my feelings, I've just expressed how much she deserves a day filled with relaxation and "calmfulness" (the word I invented today)!
Now that the spring show is just around the corner (May 15 and 16) I've been trying to work on my own relaxation and anti-nervousness skills (which thanks to my massage therapist hasn't been nearly as hard as I would have expected it to be). I've also been trying to stay the same weight so that I can fit into my costumes (that would be why my last post had a picture of an ice cream come in it. I figure if I can keep the ice cream in my computer screen and out of my freezer than having a well-fitting costume will be very easy!)
I'll post some more in a few weeks because the days of non-stop rehearsing are upon me....Bonsoir!

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  1. And it WAS a wonderful birthday!! In fact, I'd say the whole day was filled with love and calmfulness - mostly thanks to my sweet, beautiful, amazing daughters. Now . . . the ballet performance is over. Let's eat some ice cream!!!!