Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ohhh busy days...

Greetings - Well the busy days are upon me now! School all day, then ballet all night, and then rehearsals all weekend. It also doesn't help that the fall weather is here and I've been having asthma problems. I love the fall but, I'm sorry to say, it doesn't agree with my lungs. Gosh I would love to be in Paris right now. I wouldn't even mind being there just for a day - at least I would have a break from my everyday lifestyle. Tomorrow I'll pretend that I'm there and set out a picnic on my front yard with a blanket and a basket, and then settle down with a good book.....ahhhhhh...... it sounds heavenly!

Nutcracker rehearsals have gotten CRAZY! I have class from 5-6:30 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Wens. and Fri. I have rehearsal from 6:30-8. And then on Saturday I have it all day!

Last night after I turned out my light, my cat Jack jumped up on my bed and got on my lap (stay tuned - the plot thickens!!) When I turned over onto my stomach, he got onto my back and sat down! He stayed there ALL NIGHT!! And when I woke up he did it again! He's a sticky cat!

I'll hopefully post more tomorrow (if I have time!)! Bonsoir!

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