Sunday, September 20, 2009

My first post!

Dear followers (if there are any) - I'm so excited to have my own blog. Don't expect me to post every day because this is my busiest time of year. When I do post it will probably be about vintage clothes, my cats, fashion, Paris, my life as a dancer and a homeschooler and the color pink! Yes, I admit it, I LOVE PINK! Every color pink from rosy hues to light pink blush colors. Just about everything in my room is pink including my walls, my door, my clothes, lamp shades, sheets and furniture. I was inspired to create a blog when I read Julie Powell's book "Julie and Julia". I thought that it was the perfect thing to do because I LOVE writing! So wish me luck on this journey, and I hope I shall entertain you with stories about life with cats and life in general!