Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Giving a cat a bath is not fun for you or the cat!

Greetings everyone - Last night I gave one of our four cats a bath. It was very interesting. Need I say more? He was thrashing around and splashing water EVERYWHERE! And keep in mind that this is a cat who likes water. By the time I finished giving him a bath I needed one - and the bathroom needed to dry off. William (the thrasher) is a white, fluffy, 18 pounder. Lulu is a chic, black cat who is the Queen of our house ( and Queen of the neighborhood cats). Jack is black, he like guys who drive big trucks and carry tool boxes (he's in love with our next door neighbor who happens to be allergic to cats) He also loves to eat tofu, butter beans, green beans and mashed potatoes. And Moe's black and white and was dumped on our front porch when he was about 2 weeks old. We're not sure if his mom deposited him here (we have coyotes who like to roam in our neighborhood) or if someone put him there. Either way, my mom was surprised when I screamed from the front porch " Mommy! There's a kitten on our porch!!!!).

Last night after ballet my Mom took me out to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants. How come every time I wear shoes that can't get wet it starts pouring rain as soon as I walk out the door? I was going to wear my beautiful shoes that I got in Paris - thank god I had flip flops in the car. Oh well, I'll wear them tomorrow when I go to see a movie.

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